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Motion Pay Products and Services

Portable Smart POS Terminal

State of the art full touch screen terminal with half second scan speed, Visa/MasterCard/China UnionPay ready, our exclusive smart POS terminal is PCISS and EMVCo certified.

Online Payment

MotionPay’s online payment API integrates with merchants’ e-commerce platforms, and with mobile commerce apps too!

QR Sticker

The most adopted way to pay in China today, the QR Sticker is simple to use and meets simple needs at a fraction of the cost.

POS System Integration

Integration with existing POS systems using Motion Pay POS Payment API.

E-mail Remote Payment

Customers pay by scanning a dynamic QR code sent through email by merchants which then receive real-time system notification.

Chinese Marketing Solution – Welcome Chinese Certificate

With MotionPay get a pre-approved WeChat Official account and be ready to promote your business by using our Chinese social media management services through LAT Multilingual and LAT’s Golden Dragon Certification Program.

Connect with Millions of Customers

  • 2 million transaction volume daily
    (Q1, 2018)
  • 870 million global active users
  • 270 million monthly active mobile users

  • $1.2 trillion total payments in 2016
  • 1.1 billion WeChat accounts
  • 963 million monthly active users
  • 768 million daily active users

  • 2 Million Chinese Immigrants
  • 730,000 Chinese tourists in 2017
  • 180,000 Chinese Students

  • Attract more consumers
  • Accelerated transaction speed
  • Chinese consumers’ preferred payment methods


Alec Junshi Young
Owner of Qualitour Holiday

“We all know that Wechat Pay and AliPay are Chinese customer’s preferred payment methods. MotionPay built a bridge between us and them. It gives Chinese travelers more conveniences and flexibilities when they are traveling or booking travel products.”

Marco Pasteris
VP Business Development, Birks Group Inc.

“Thanks to Motion Pay, we are one of the first merchants to accept Alipay in Canada. Data security is a priority when choosing a payment solution partner. Motion Pay’s advanced technology offers data security, stability and efficiency for our AliPay and WeChat Pay transactions.”

Nathan Xu
Co-founder of Baby enRoute

“We received so many benefits from accepting Alipay in our store. It helps us to provide a fast checkout service to our customers and allows us to maintain our existing payment process. AliPay’s regular marketing discount promotions help us to attract more Chinese customers to our store.”

Morgan Hsu
President of Green Grotto Tea Shop

“At our restaurant, we provide our Chinese customers their most preferred food and payment methods (Wechat Pay and AliPay). We make them feel like they’re at home.”

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